Ex.referee on Bayern breakdown “referee’s mistake”: SC Freiburg examines an appeal to the DFB after Bayern’s change mistake

For Lutz Wagner, the referee instructor of the German Football Association (DFB), the responsibility for FC Bayern Munich’s mistake in the 4-1 win against SC Freiburg on Saturday lies with referee Christian Dingert.

“Normally, he or someone on his team should have made sure the number of players was correct before the game resumed. He didn’t do that and so it’s the referee’s mistake,” said Wagner in an interview with “Spox” and “Goal”.

Dingert can delegate this task, “but it is his responsibility that the game continues with the right number of players on both sides,” explained Wagner. Bayern were on the field for a few seconds at 3-1 with twelve players before referee Dingert interrupted the Bundesliga match.

Previously, when Kingsley Coman was planned to be replaced by coach Julian Nagelsmann, the wrong shirt number had been displayed. The Frenchman probably didn’t feel addressed and initially didn’t leave the field after a double substitution.

“The blackboard is a support and therefore an aid. Something like that can always happen, and again: In the end, the referee is responsible,” said former referee Wagner.

Those responsible at SC Freiburg are examining an objection that should be filed by this Monday afternoon. If Freiburg refrain from doing so, the DFB will not take action either.

“If SC Freiburg lodges a protest, the mistake must be determined. There is no doubt that there was a mistake. Then the DFB sports court has to determine whether it was relevant to the game,” said Wagner.

According to dpa information, from the point of view of the association, the incident was not an irregularity, but an error.

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