Sinner and records, Pietrangeli against Panatta: Nicola's 'smash'

“I did the rankings alone? Panatta’s joke is out of place. Sinner? I never said it would take him two lifetimes to beat all my records.” Nicola Pietrangeli on the pitch between Jannik Sinner and Adriano Panatta. The totem of Italian tennis pays homage to the 22-year-old Italian, new number 2 in the world after the triumph in Miami, and removes a few pebbles from his shoe after the jokes with which Panatta expressed himself on the past and present (and future) of Italian tennis .

“Records are made to be broken, so rightly so. I want to say one thing once and for all: some time ago they accused me of having said that Sinner would need two lives to beat all my records. Well, I didn’t never said, I just wanted to explain that it is numerically impossible to beat one, the one in the Davis Cup”, says Pietrangeli to Un giorno da pecora.

“But of course they can beat the others, he’s 22 years old, he’s very good and I’m very happy with what he’s doing, I’d be stupid to think differently. Of course, you still want to beat them all, it still takes time but he can do it “When Jannik finishes his career, they will take stock,” he adds.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Panatta said that Pietrangeli made the rankings himself. What did he mean? “I don’t know, I don’t know why he said it – Pietrangeli replies – I know that in Italy there is a disease called jealousy or envy”. Is Panatta jealous of her? “I didn’t say it. But I ask you: how would I have managed to draw up the ranking on my own? It’s an out of place and also unexpected joke. When you call Panatta, call me back too…”.

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