Players are absent – have not been paid – Ekstra Bladet

Therefore, the players in the 1st division club have chosen to be absent from Tuesday’s two training sessions. This is confirmed by captain Diogo Pimentel to TV2 Nord. He also says that the players have not had lunch in the last two days.

The regional media also writes that Jammerbugt FC owes several local traders more than 100,000 kroner in total.

These are allegedly the bus company Jørns Busser, Saltum Slagteren and Jetsmark Idrætscenter.

– It is generally a really tiring situation for all of us, says center manager at Jetsmark Idrætscenter John Nielsen to TV2 Nord.

– We do not know if the club exists tomorrow.

John Nielsen reports that on Tuesday he held a meeting with the club owner and was told that there is money on the way.

The North Jutland club is owned by the German Klaus-Dieter Müller, who bought into 2021.

Also at the end of November last year, there were problems with the payment of wages. At the time, the club’s managing director Søren Als Christiansen explained to BT that this was a technical error.

There are also problems for Jammerbugt on the pitch. They are currently at the end of the relegation game in the country’s second best row.

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