FCN: “Everyone has to prove themselves again!”: Klauss puts pressure on regular players – 2nd Bundesliga

He sets an example again in the promotion race!

Nuremberg coach Robert Klauß (37) heats up the competition six games before the end of the season. After the 1: 3 in Heidenheim Klauss said: “We gave the starting XI another chance that played in the last few weeks. But also previously said that it is not a free pass. Everyone has to prove themselves anew.”

Klaus makes the team steam!

Even before the Heidenheim game, Klauß was pondering whether he shouldn’t change something after all, revealing afterwards: “Dovedan was very close to playing from the start because he had a really good week of training. That’s how it has to be.”

In the successful weeks before the Heidenheim defeat (13 out of a possible 15 points) there were hardly any changes in the starting eleven. The exceptions: Against Regensburg (2:0) Mario Suver (22) started in defense for the injured Christopher Schindler (31), in Hanover (3:0) Tom Krauß (20) replaced the yellow card suspended Lino Tempelmann (23) in the midfield.

The club now needs the next series for the promotion fight. Does it start with fresh players? Especially on the offensive, Nuremberg remained rather harmless with Pascal Köpke (26) and Lukas Schleimer (22). Alternative candidates: Manuel Schäffler (33), who scored the consolation goal in Heidenheim just ten minutes after being substituted on. Klauss mentioned Dovedan by name.

One thing is certain: Fabian Nürnberger (22) has to watch because of a yellow card suspension. Tom Krauss (20) will probably start for him.

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