UFC: A fighter caught a thief on hot, so it’s over

When the American car thief came to the parking lot in Denver, and saw a driverless car inside, he must have been convinced it was his lucky day. He of course did not think twice, jumped into the car and tried to run away. He found it difficult to press the gas, and when he finally succeeded the car owner had already arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, this was none other than Jordan Williams, an MMA fighter who just recently took to the biggest stage of all – that of the leading MMA fights organization today, the UFC.

Williams did not think twice; He opened the car door and began to send punches and knees towards the thief, who did the smartest thing for him when he fled the scene as long as his soul was in it. “At first I did not believe what I saw,” Williams told U.S. media after the incident. “After a few seconds I suddenly dropped the token and said to myself ‘Damn, there’s someone in my car.'”

“When I realized what was happening I started running towards the car,” Williams added. “As I approached the car, he started driving and the guy inside just looked at me; he had a threatening look that said ‘yes, I’m really going to steal your car.’ So I did not think twice, I opened the car door and punched him in the face. After the first punch he started “I shouted that he was sorry, and at the same time I sent him a few knees until he escaped from the vehicle.”

“I’m sorry I did not hit him harder,” the fighter noted. “I should have finished with some ground work, but I take comfort in the fact that my car was not stolen.”

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