Mark O. states: The biggest match of my career

The dreams are big for the Danish UFC fighter Mark O. Madsen, who at the beginning of the year went to the USA to establish a new home for his family in Scottsdale, which is located in the state of Arizona.

The journey across the Atlantic is part of a two-year plan that, according to Madsen, will culminate in a UFC belt.

The next step in the plan is to be taken the night before Sunday, when Madsen enters the octagonal cage, where he will meet American Vinc Pichel. A meeting that the Danish fighter is very much looking forward to.

– This is the biggest fight of my MMA career. It is an insanely important battle in relation to the further course, he says to Ritzau.

The match is especially important for the former Danish Olympic wrestler, as a victory could open the door to a possible top-15 match.

– When we are within the top-15, we are in a field where anything can happen in relation to title fights, says Madsen.

However, the Dane is well aware of which opponent he is facing.

Vinc Pichel has won 14 of his 16 fights as a professional MMA fighter. He made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2014 and has since fought eight fights, of which he has only lost a single four years ago.

Madsen and the American compete in the lightweight class, where the weight of the giants must be between 65.8 and 70.3 kg.

According to the sports media ESPN, the two fighters both weigh about 70 kg.

– I immediately think that Vinc Pichel and I will be some of the physically strongest fighters in the lightweight class, it sounds from the Dane.

Although the two weigh roughly the same, Pichel is five centimeters taller than Madsen, who sees the American have other strengths than the Dane himself.

Pichel’s strengths lie in keeping his distance, being mobile and working on the outside of his opponents. In addition, one must be aware that he can swing and hit hard, points out the former Danish Olympic wrestler.

– I’m a wrestler and would like to close the distance. We are therefore two opposites, says Mark O. Madsen, who expects a tough fight, but has a strong belief in his own abilities.

– That’s why I’m here. To be allowed to compete and fight against the best MMA fighters in the world.

– I see a tough fight for me. But I also see myself pulling out as the victor, the Dane concludes by saying.

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