Denmark: Athletics federation saves itself from threatening bankruptcy

Dansk Atletik has so far saved itself from a looming bankruptcy and can deliver a profit for the most recent financial year.

It informs the association on Friday on its website.

Dansk Atletik came out of 2021 with a profit of 2.4 million kroner, which brought the association’s equity in plus by about 45,000 kroner. However, the situation remains serious.

The reason for the financial challenges in Danish Athletics is a large deficit for the World Cup in cross in 2019 and a generally poor operating economy, it sounds.

The union has saved on pretty much everything in 2021 to get the economy running around, which means it has managed to pay all the bills.

The rescue has also taken place because Team Denmark and the Danish Sports Confederation (DIF) have provided financial support, even though the Athletics Federation has not lived up to a number of set requirements.

In 2021, Team Denmark has accepted that the elite manager has also taken on the role of head of the secretariat, but this will not happen in the future, which will give the Athletics Association an additional expense.

In addition, last year DIF paid out the so-called resource funds, even though Dansk Atletik has not lived up to the agreed requirements.

Despite the help from Team Denmark and DIF, several employees in the athletics association have been pressured beyond normal.

The head of the secretariat has thus been responsible for washing and sorting national team clothes, while national coaches have ordered airline tickets.

Clubs, coaches and managers can therefore rightly claim that Danish Athletics has not lived up to what one can rightly expect from its association, writes Danish Athletics on its website.

The board and the head of the secretariat write in Friday’s announcement that a process has been launched with the working title ‘Danish Athletics 2.0’, which will result in a future plan for the association.

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