Did he wear it in the famous hand goal?  – Huge fuss about Diego Maradona’s jersey

This is a shirt that every football fan is familiar with!

Diego Maradona’s (60) shirt is up for auction in England. The Argentine icon scored the legendary hand goal in a 2-1 triumph over England in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals.

After the game, Maradona’s opponent Steve Hodge (59) took possession of the shirt and plans to sell it.

The auction is estimated to generate a total of £4 million (almost 4.8 million euros). The major issue is that Maradona’s own daughter doubts that her father scored the goal known as the “Hand of God” in the jersey he was given.

“The former England player thinks he has my father’s shirt from the second half,” Dalma Maradona (35) said on the Argentine TV station “eltrece.” He’s still wearing the shirt he wore in the first half. I wanted to disclose that to everyone so that anyone interested in purchasing it is aware of the facts.”

Diego made it 1-0 with a hand goal in the 51st minute and made it 2-0 with a 60-meter solo only four minutes later. In 2002, Fifa named his second goal as Goal of the Century.

The “Hand of God”: Maradona’s fist lob fools goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

As a result, Maradona scored two memorable goals while wearing the divisive jersey. Dalma is certain of her remark because she knows where the exact jersey is.

“I know who has it, but I’m not going to reveal,” she says. All I can say is that the shirt up for auction is not the one that my father won.”

However, the auction company Sotheby’s, which is selling the garment, is confident that the replica is the genuine one. That was verified by experts.

“Maradona wore a different jersey in the first half, but there are noticeable discrepancies between that garment and the one he wore in the goals,” a spokesman stated.

“Before we put the shirt for sale, we conducted a thorough analysis and scientific study of the item to guarantee that it was the shirt worn by Maradona in the second half,” he stated.

One thing is certain: Maradona wore the jersey at least once throughout the game. Would it be called the colossal price even if the two aims were not present? Questionable…

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