Barcelona is going through difficult days due to the economic crisis that caused the departure of the club’s emblem and the biggest star ever Lionel Messi, the 2021/22 season opened under heavy shadow and great fears, but the team still managed to beat Real Sociedad 2: 4 in the first round of La Liga , In a game that mentioned that Barcelona still has a good staff with a lot of talent, but also mentioned that it is an unstable team. Barça started well and went up to 0: 3, Sociedad shrank to 3: 2 in the 82nd and 85th minutes, but Martin Braithwaite eventually emerged the hero of the victory, and after winning a double, added cooking in the 91st minute to Sergei Roberto who sealed the result after minutes of pressure.

Another hero in Barcelona is captain Gerard Pique, who agreed to cut his contract and this allowed the registration of the players from Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia. The Dutchman even recorded first cooking, when he raised to Pique the first goal that the brake slammed in, during a symbolic move. “I was born here, I grew up here, I lived in Barcelona almost all my life,” he said bunion On the gesture he made for the club, with the important cut, “it’s something I had to do. I want to point out that all the captains will do the same thing. I did it faster because there was pressure, but everyone will do it.”

On the new era, Pique said: “Messi is the most important player in the history of the club, but we must continue. There is still a lot of quality in the team, we will be a competitive team, I am sure we will fight for all the titles. Without Leo we lost our talent, but we have a goal. Fun. “

Pique was one of the heroes of the victory | JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

The coach, too Ronald Coman Was pleased: “Starting a season with a win is always important. I’m happy with how we looked. Everyone gave a good game. Eric (Garcia) was excellent, Memphis showed talent and provided some nice touches in addition to cooking, and the first half was fantastic. The first half hour was the best Barça. Good of the last few years. “

Koeman complimented the victory heroes: “Braithwaite is a professional, he serves as an example, he always works for the team, I am happy to have a player like him. Pique is a leader, and this season he is also in better physical condition and his attitude is an example to everyone.” The Dutchman signed and said that “our game may be more team than before, but I prefer Messi to be on my team”.

Jordi Alba received boos at Camp Nou before the game, amid reports he refused a pay cut. Alba He said: “I heard about a request for a cut for the first time just a few weeks ago. What bothers me most is the lies. Unpleasant things were said that hurt me and my family. No one can doubt my commitment to this club. My desire was always to help. You better talk about It’s with the president. “

also Sergei Roberto He said: “It is not true that we refused to cut our salary, from the first moment a seriousness to help. We were hurt by all the things that were said. For some reason the contract has not yet been closed, but it will happen.”

Sergei Roberto. He too was injured | Alex Caparros/Getty Images

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