First Captain Denis Toto: I lived 100 meters away and drove him to training. I thought he was going to make it

I was the captain of the Đakovo team, exactly when Denis joined the first team, and he was only 15-16 years old at the time, he recalled Tomislav Bošnjak (34) of his first joint matches with a tragically deceased fellow citizen Denisom Totom, who lost his life on Friday at the age of 28 after a physical attack in front of a nightclub in Skopje.

A Bosniak, today a handball player from Poreč and captain of the Croatian handball team for the deaf, he was, moreover, Denis’ neighbor in his hometown of Đakovo.

– We lived 100 meters from each other, we went to training together, I would drive it and then return home. Even he didn’t train handball for too long, but he was left-handed, lively, walking his head through the wall. We played together that one season before I went to Umag, and then I entered the first league with Umag, and Denis with Đakovo and we were on opposite sides.

Everyone will say, Denis was a guy who wouldn’t even look at anyone wrong …

– He was so positive, good, no synonym for problems, depression, always smiling, funny. He had tricks that were ultra funny. He was raised nicely like his brother. I found out about all this back on Thursday night and I thought it wasn’t that scary, physically it was always perfect. Even when he severely injured his knee, he returned in four months, rarely anyone can. I say, when I heard the first news, I thought Denis was it, he was going to get away with it.

Unfortunately, it is not … While one information from Skopje changed another …

– All that, then the cover-up … I can only think it’s family. It’s the worst for them. Denis was only cheeky on the field and that is why he was a good player. It’s inconceivable to me that someone would look at him wrong, let alone raise their hand to him. He spent here in Poreč, where I now play, only six months and his teammates realized in that little time how good he was …

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