Snndhausen – Dresden 2: 1: Dynamo sets course for the relegation

In the fight for direct relegation in the 2nd division, Dynamo missed the big point and lost 1:2 in Sandhausen!

Coach Guerino Capretti assured before the game at table 15 that he had not yet dealt with possible relegation opponents. After the 12th winless game in the second half of the season, he should now!

Dynamo, in 16th place with the remaining five games and now six points behind Sandhausen, is no longer in the direct league in their own hands.

The 39th minute made it clear how high the pressure was on both sides in the six-point game: after Okoroji fouled Schröter, players on both sides blew their fuses. There was a scuffle and a three-minute break.

In the game, Sandhausen showed nerves of steel: Dumic’s 1-0 lead (7th) and Zenga’s 2-0 lead (48th) played into the hands of the team with the strongest defense in the second half of the season.

This allowed Sandhausen to concentrate on what they do best: defend!

Dynamo, on the other hand, lacked the opponent’s conviction and clarity in the relegation battle. After Knipping’s goal in the 65th minute, there was hope again. But not any more!

Dynamo remained without a win in the fifth game under new coach Capretti.

In the meantime, the fans are also turning away! The 2,000 supporters who traveled with them didn’t want to see the team in front of the guest block after the game. Only the team council with Captain Knipping, Daferner, Sollbauer and Broll presented themselves…

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