VK New Belgrade: Don’t defend us from Aleksandar Šapić with lies

Water polo club New Belgrade announced today that Aleksandar Šapić is part of that club and said that no one has to defend the club from him with lies. “Aleksandar Šapić is part of us, he founded this club, he brought us all to him and there is no need for us “Those who have done everything for years to prevent the water polo club New Belgrade from growing into what is today by far the strongest club in the region and one of the best in Europe,” reads the statement of the professional staff, coaches, players and management of the water polo club. New Belgrade.

Some Belgrade media previously reported that Shapic verbally attacked the players and the professional staff after winning the trophy in the Serbian Cup, and New Belgrade stated that with today’s announcement he wants to “stop lies and untruths that have been spread for days.”

“No one should defend our club from ourselves, and especially we should not be defended by those who had the most objections when this team was formed and when we announced that we want to return Serbian water polo to the very top of Europe,” it is stated in statement.

“Part of the public opposed this and tried in every way to stop the formation of this team, and at the same time stop the growth and development of our club, which for seven years, year after year, has grown into one of the best water polo clubs in Europe. league and confirmed, “it added.

New Belgrade pointed out that it had returned the best experts to the country, that it had brought in the best European players, the Serbian national team, and that it had done everything possible to ensure that they had working conditions similar to the best clubs in Europe.

The club also reminded that it won the organization of the final tournament of the Champions League.

The professional staff, coaches, players and management of New Belgrade asked everyone not to retaliate if they are unable to help by spreading lies in the media and pointed out that they have never been more united and determined in order to continue achieving great results.

They pointed out that they are “a big and harmonious family” and that they will not allow anyone to “carry out their frustrations, failures, dissatisfactions or personal confrontations over the back of New Belgrade” and that they will do everything to protect the club.

“And to emphasize once again that Aleksandar Šapić is not only a part of our family, but someone around when she gathered and that is why we are all very grateful to him for everything he has done and is doing for our club today and where he is lucky to have more such people. in our sport, because that would mean that Serbian sport should not worry about its future “, concludes the statement of the professional staff, coaches, players and management of New Belgrade.

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