HNS leadership with Uefa president

President of the HNS Marijan Kustić together with the executive director Tomislav Svetin and the technical director Stipe Pletikos, he met with the president of Uefa, Aleksandar Čeferin, according to the official website of the HNS.

– Thank you to President Čeferin and his closest associates, Mr. Boban and Mr. Laković, for an extremely pleasant reception and constructive and open conversation. We are proud that Croatian football is highly valued within the umbrella house of European football, and that HNS has such quality cooperation with Uefa on many projects – said HNS President Marijan Kustić and added:

– We are pleased that the President of Uefa is following an interesting competition in the First League, and we also discussed a number of challenges of today’s European football, from the so-called. Super League over the pandemic to the war in Ukraine. We presented the idea of ​​creating a house of Croatian football in Veslačka to President Čeferin, and we are glad that Uefa will support this project if we succeed in its realization. We are honored with such a pleasant reception and we look forward to returning the hospitality to the Uefa Executive Committee meeting to be held in September on Hvar.

At the headquarters of the umbrella European football federation in Nyon, the Croatian delegation was hosted by Uefa’s head of football Zvonimir Boban and director of national associations Zoran Laković.

– We were pleased to receive the HNS delegation, which is on and off the field certainly one of the most successful medium-sized alliances in Europe. The silver medal of the Croatian national team in Russia is the best inspiration for every small country that football dreams can come true if you show great unity with football talent and skill – said Uefa President Alexander Ceferin, after which he added:

– Club football is also getting better, which is confirmed by the recently signed record contract for TV rights. HNS has made great strides in recent years in building quality infrastructure across the country and will certainly continue to have strong Uefa support in the same direction. This also applies to a potential camp or football house in Zagreb, which would be a great solution for HNS. I am looking forward to a new arrival in Croatia, Hvar is an excellent destination for the session of our Executive Board, where HNS will undoubtedly be a great host.

HNS presented the hosts with personalized jerseys of current world runners-up – jersey number 9 to Aleksandar Čeferin, number 11 to Zoran Laković and well-known jersey number 10 to Zvonimir Boban, the legendary captain of Vatreni who led Croatia to win a bronze medal at the World Championships in 1998. France.

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