Star player faces Lauri Markkanen, earning over $ 300,000 in eight seconds

Jrue Holiday would have left the pitch after being booked for a foul.

Basketball The final round of the NBA League regular season saw a particularly short but cash draw. Several media outlets are talking about it, among others Sports Illustrated.

Milwaukee Bucks met Lauri Markkasen In the away field of the Cleveland Cavaliers without a major bet, so they played mostly with substitutes.

However, one of Milwaukee’s star players entered the opening, Jrue Holiday. After eight seconds of the match, Holiday broke Cleveland Darius Garlandia. Holidayle was penalized for an error, he stepped on the bench and no longer played in the match.

Where from was it about

Holiday had played in 66 matches this season and was missing one match in the $ 306,000 (€ 281,000) bonus. In other respects, the bonus condition was met.

It obviously suited the club that the star player got a plush account in eight seconds and is thus in a good mood when the playoffs begin.

Milwaukee will face the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs. Cleveland is looking for a playoff spot in the qualifiers where it will face Brooklyn.

With a win, the place opens for the playoffs, and with a loss, the qualifier continues against the winner of the Atlanta-Charlotte match, and the winner of that match continues to the playoffs.

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