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Harrison Butker gave a speech at the institution. Social media started to boil over.

Threefold Super Bowl winner Harrison Butker has received criticism for his speech at Benedictine College in the United States.

Butker, 28, who represents the NFL club Kansas City Chiefs, gave a 20-minute speech to the graduating students on Saturday.

The sports star told the women present that they were being fed “devilish lies”.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes how much happier you can be by ignoring the outside noise and moving closer to God’s will for living,” Butker said. Today by.

He used his wife as an example. According to Butker, his Isabelle-his wife’s life really started only after she had followed her calling as a wife and mother instead of going to work.

According to Today, Butker also cited one in his speech Taylor Swiftin of songs. Super popular singer Swift is dating Butker’s teammate Travis Kelce with.

Butker’s the speech drew criticism on social media.

One user commented on futaaja’s perception of “a woman’s place”:

“I challenge Harrison Butker to tell Taylor Swift that she has no value until she is a wife and a mother.”

Butker also brought up other controversial themes in his speech.

In his opinion, for example, the Pride movement is a mortal sin, and there is nothing natural about birth control.

“This is exactly why we need Pride,” one commented on social media.

Today according to Butker also had a message for men. He urged men to be unapologetic in their masculinity.

A social media user gave Butker’s employer a tip.

“This is terrible. I hope someone on the Chiefs takes him [Butkerin] aside and instill empathy and humanity in him. As talented as he is, you’d think it would be easy to find a player who isn’t so homophobic and misogynistic.”

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