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The grandchildren of David Madlener, Manuel Ganahl and Lukas Haudum can be prepared for something. They don’t even know anything about it, they weren’t even born. But this much is certain: Grandpa will rave from time to time about how 21 brave Austrians brought the great Canada to the brink of a historic defeat on May 14, 2024 at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Prague. In the final third, captain Thomas Raffl and his teammates turned a 1:6 deficit into 6:6 and scored a point against the heavy favorites for the second time in their World Cup history. “Awesome! Awesome!” said goal scorer Dominic Zwerger on behalf of the proud nation. It doesn’t matter that they lose the game in extra time. “I can’t get the smile off my face,” said Zwerger.

Austria’s team boss Roger Bader, 59, a so-called Swiss, was almost beside himself: “I’ve been a coach for 30 years and have seen crazy games. There was such euphoria, we were flying on a cloud. Five goals against Canada in the last third Catching up is hard to beat.” Finland once won the final third 5-0, in the 2011 World Cup final against Sweden, and since then the saga has been passed down to those born after them year after year. But that was Finland, one of the great ice hockey nations. In Canada, every tax office has more registered players than the Austrian Ice Hockey Association.

World Cup in Czech Republic

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By Marko Zochev

NHL professional Marco Rossi, who equalized 49 seconds before the final siren, said: “It’s unbelievable! After 1:6 it was actually impossible. And all of a sudden we started scoring goals.” Given the surprise, even his usual self-consciousness remained reserved Crown newspaper Defeated, the headline was rather reserved: “Austria amazes the ice hockey world.” It was like this.

Canada gets nervous after conceding two goals

Cozens, Kuhle, Byram, McCann, Bedard, Dubois: Everything pointed to a befitting victory. But: “These ‘small’ nations are much better than many people believe,” said Canada’s head coach André Tourigny, who led the team to their 28th World Cup title last year in the final against Germany (5:2). Austria fought with heart. “And we got nervous after the second goal in the final third.”

Canadian teams have played around 1,600 thirds at world championships since 1930. They only conceded five goals four times, most recently in 1981 against the Soviet Union Sbornaja that dominated world ice hockey and Canada still sent amateurs to the world tournaments, not NHL professionals like John Tavares or Connor Bedard. In the country of the record world champion, people are more concerned about the current NHL playoff series between Edmonton and Vancouver (the score is 2:2). But they didn’t want to have to cable home the news of their first World Cup defeat against the ski nation of Austria.

They were all the more in a hurry in extra time. Captain Tavares ended the Canadian nightmare with 7:6 after 15 seconds. But the Austrians didn’t care about that after a millisecond. “After the second third, not a single person in the world believed in us anymore,” said Dominic Zwerger, “probably not even our own families.” But they will still hear something.

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