James Freitas gives advice about being hired at Coritiba

Cited by Paulo Autuori as one of the options to effectively take command of the Coritiba interim James Freitas declined to give details about the possibility.

In a press conference after the victory over Guarani, at Couto Pereira, the coach stated that he is focused on the team’s moment and that he is not thinking about a possible signing.

“I’m an employee of the club. If the club chooses another coach, that’s no problem for me, I’ll go back to my role as an assistant. I haven’t stopped to think yet and I don’t have that expectation. My mind is completely focused on us recovering our players to fight for the three ready against Novorizontino”, said James Freitas.

This Monday (13), Alviverde’s technical director, Autuori, stated that James was among the options for effective coach. The director has not yet denied that he can take over the team on an interim basis, as he did at Cruzeiro in 2023.

James Freitas was even booed as a replacement

The interim coach is also already dealing with pressure from Coritiba fans. In the second half of the match against Guarani, James Freitas opted to remove young Lucas Ronier, scorer of the winning goal and highlight of the game, for Figueiredo to enter. Many fans were upset with the change.

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