Fans protest against Amodeo at Couto Pereira

The victory of Coritiba over Guarani, this Tuesday (14), at Couto Pereira, was marked by protests from the thigh-white fans. Fans were prevented from entering with banners against the CEO, Carlos Amodeo, the fans’ main target.

The turmoil between the fans and the club began right at the entrance to Couto Pereira. On social media, fans complained that stadium security guards were blocking the protest banners.

A white thigh even managed to enter and display the message with the phrase “Amodeo out”, but security guards asked him to withdraw the demonstration.

Also at the entrance to the sports square, club employees prevented the entry of a protest banner by the white thigh, Elcio Koleski. According to the ge.comthe fan filed a complaint of theft at the Mobile Football and Events Service Police Station (Demafe).

Inside the stadium, before the starting whistle, it was possible to hear shouts against Alviverde’s CEO. The match against Sport, in the third round, also saw many protests. At the time, security guards forcibly removed a banner and the club released a note regretting what had happened.

Amodeo: I protest inside the field no interval

At halftime of the game, when Coritiba called fans to take penalties on the pitch, one of them took advantage of the moment to protest.

Invited to take the penalty, the fan hit the goal and displayed a shirt with the phrase “Amodeo out” in celebration.

Coritiba issues official note and says “defends freedom of expression”

After the episodes at Couto Pereira and the accusations from fans, Coritiba issued an official statement, in which it “reaffirms its commitment to democracy and freedom of expression”. Check out the full text:

Coritiba reaffirms its commitment to democracy and freedom of expression. However, according to a protocol established with public security forces, banners, flags, percussion instruments, among other objects, must be previously registered with the identification of the person responsible, under penalty of entry to the stadium being prohibited. This procedure has been common and adopted for a long time in all Couto Pereira games.

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