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There remains a challenge that is not just any challenge. It’s the challenge. It’s the Champions League. It is the Grail that gives meaning to the history of Madrid. Ancelotti makes decisions to face it with the greatest energy and the least disconnection, by alternating players and lineups, and the players take advantage of these waking matches to achieve some personal challenges. [Narracin y estadsticas, 5-0]

The largest is that of Courtoisholder for the third time since winning the title, and with the intention of demonstrating that he is the one from before, the one who held the Fourteenth in Paris like a shipwrecked man holds the last rope.

The Belgian complies, with three clean sheets, although for now against the League troops. To do it with more guarantees, it would need more dangerous rivals. Just the eyebrow Ancelotti knows what the Italian thinks when faced with the great dilemma at Wembley: The moon o Courtois.

Also Vinicius He wants to take advantage of every goal, two against Alavs, because he feels that he is in the race for the Ballon d’Or, and that has its thing if it were to become MBA who applauded him with the trophy at the Bernabu. Until Bellingham returns to the goal, who knows if in time for a strange Pichichi, and also Glass, the last of the platoon. The season can have prizes for everyone, not just groups, but if they are given to choose one, everyone will ask for the same one.

Stops offered Courtois and they reached the goal Bellingham, almost without wanting it, and Vinicius, loving it more than anyone else, against an Alavés who lacked the tension of risking his life. Those of Luis Garcia Plaza They have done their job well, saved long before the end.

Also Madrid, in its case with the achievement of the title, but when quality is released from the pressure, the differences are even greater. Like Cdiz or Granada, whether with substitutes or starters, Alavs was beaten by talent without chains. They are not chains that the coach sets, they are set by circumstances.

The little that Alavés was able to teach offensively was done right from the beginning and at the end. First in an action by Hagi on the line. Samu received in the small area and Courtois reaction below with a double intervention. The Bernabu has taken a liking to The moon because he values ​​the sense of justice, but at that moment doubt moved like a wave through the stands. I returned in separate auctions of Hagi y Find.

This Hagi has a good foot even if he is not the great Hagiknown as the Maradona of the Carpathians, from a Madrid and Barça past. He is not the father, but he would have signed the maneuver of his son in the second half that provoked, this time, an intervention, hand down, of the outstanding Courtois.

The Belgian is there, although we don’t know how far he is. The dilemma will haunt Ancelotti to Wembley with a lot of noise around, debates, gatherings and surveys. There are two league games left, in Villarreal and against Betis at the Bernabu. More clues will emerge from his choices in goal.

Testing for Wembley

Courtois He was a starter in an eleven that, today, will be the starter at Wembley, except for Rdiger, who stayed on the bench to give Militao minutes. The Brazilian could accompany the German in the final, but will never leave him out, after a colossal year. Camavingafor its part, points to that ownership before the Borussia Dortmundgiven the injury of Tchouamni. They are different. Less defensive and less positional, Camavinga On the other hand, he provides a very valuable dynamism, especially in an offensive key. The action I focused on so that Vinicius Marcara is proof of where he likes to go.

The Frenchman was the first to leave the field to make way for Glass, someone who is going to have to squeeze his quality in the future. He has it. Also a goal, as he demonstrated again when closing the win. It takes time to know if he has everything else to do it, because this Madrid is going to get very expensive.

Vinicius He insisted, always deep and assisting, especially to Rodrygo, but also allied again with the goal. Bellingham I assisted him to beat That one cross shot. It was Madrid’s fourth goal, not as powerful, however, as the shot with which Valverde achieved the third. If it weren’t for the time away due to injury Viniciusmaybe Bellingham, who opened the scoring with a center-shot, will not fight for a Pichichi who will be close to the Brazilian. With Vini the debates are different.

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