CBF announces suspension of the Brasileirão Series A;  see details

A Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced, on Wednesday night (15), the suspension of rounds 7 and 8 of Série A of the Brasileirão 2024, until May 27th. According to the entity, the decision was based on the request of 15 of the 20 participating clubs.

The other Brazilian football competitions continue without changes to the schedule, except for games involving clubs from Rio Grande do Sul, which are suspended until the 27th.

The strike is due to the environmental tragedy that hit Rio Grande do Sul and directly impacted millions of people and, consequently, also the clubs in Rio Grande do Sul and the Brazilian football scene.

The entity emphasizes that, in addition to 15 participating clubs, the decision was based on the request made by the Gaucho Football Federation (FGF), which endorsed the request that had already been made by clubs in Rio Grande do Sul, such as Inter, Grêmio and Juventude.

A meeting of the CBF Technical Council is still scheduled for May 27th, in which the clubs will deliberate on whether or not to continue the Brasileirão.

Brasileirão: see clubs that supported the strike

(1) Atlético ClubeGoianiense;
(2) Atlético Mineiro SAF;
(3) Club Athletico Paranaense;
(4)Criciúma Esporte Clube;
(5) Cruzeiro Esporte Clube SAF;
(6) Cuiabá EsporteClube SAF;
(7) Esporte Clube Bahia SAF;
(8) Esporte Clube Juventude;
(9) EsporteClube Vitória;
(10) Fluminense Football Club;
(11) Fortaleza Esporte Clube;
(12) Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense;
(13) SAF Botafogo;
(14) Sport ClubInternacional;
(15) Vasco da Gama SAF.

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