Griezmann resurrects to secure the Champions League for Atletico

There will come a time when people get tired of their children going to school with bags under their eyes after a weekday. There will come a time when the football fan demands, once again, the prominence that he deserves. That moment did not come yesterday at the Coliseum. Atlético was playing for the Champions League, yes, but a point was enough, while Getafe’s objective was merely to maintain pride. Game at ten at night, which with the extensions, almost ends on Thursday. [Narracin y estadsticas (0-3)]

The stands were filled with quite a crowd, logically, a Madrid derby always deserves the most attention, goals aside. School can wait. Atlético did not want to. The Champions League, a goal that the forward had a few days ago, was already tied with one hand, the other was missing. Griezmann’s resurrection was facilitated by a magnificent hat trick.

First he faked a beautiful pass to Correa in which he fell asleep when he was already facing Soria. Hit later with another delicatessen. Rodrigo De Paul launched a remote-controlled pass that the Frenchman caressed with his toe to lower it to the grass with half of the Getafe defense enthralled, either by the technical detail, or by the time. The fact is that Griezmann did not forgive in the one-on-one and overtook the red and whites.

A minute of tense waiting

The little Prince It struck again, although this time with suspense. After a great combinative play, the ball reached Correa who gained the baseline, put it behind him and, after covering half a small area with players from both sides trying to reach it, Griezmann picked it up to put it in the net with an howitzer. The referee momentarily annulled the goal due to the Argentine’s doubtful position, but after a long minute, he awarded the goal.

He hat trick He will complete it at the beginning of the second part. It was a textbook counterattack by Atlético so that Lino filtered the Frenchman and he sneaked it between Soria’s legs with his toe. There are already five goals against Getafe this season, two at the Metropolitano and three at the Coliseum.

For all those who demanded the return of the Frenchman, here it is. Maybe it’s too late for great deeds. He was missed both in the Cup, played, and in the Champions League, missing. At least, thanks to this point they will be able to try again next year in the highest continental competition.

Greenwood Sparkles

Another who has returned is Oblak. The Slovenian wants to once again claim the throne of the best goalkeeper in Laliga. The two stops to Greenwood in the first half attest to this. The second, a handball after a dry shot that ended up hitting the crossbar, was wonderful. Good news to consider renewing the team next year. It is always good to have a good bolt at the back and gunpowder at the top.

In Getafe there was little to highlight except Greenwood’s flashes. If he already won the praise of Cholo for his exhibition at the Metropolitano, yesterday was one of the few things that could be saved from a group, the azuln, already relaxed in no man’s land. It is not a small thing considering what I sweated last year to save the category. Another miracle from Bordals to justify the blind trust that Ángel Torres professes in him.

Little story to highlight in the rest of a clash where there seemed to be a non-aggression pact. Atlético lost their fangs in their counterattacks and Getafe did not attack desperately. In these final moments of the season, there may be more thoughts about avoiding injuries. In the end, the Azulones had the game against Mallorca, on the last day of the league, to say goodbye with another flavor to their fans who had already left midway through the second half. The objective was achieved, also for Atlético. What more could you ask for? Maybe play a couple of hours before. It’s not little.

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