The volleyball players of Serbia defeated the selection of Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3: 0 (25:11, 25:18, 25:14) in Belgrade today, in the match of the first round of Group A at the European Championship.

The most efficient in the winning selection was Tijana Boskovic with 16 points, Bjanka Busha scored 11, and Mina Popovic scored eight points.

In the BiH selection, Dajana Bošković was better than the others with 14 points, while Ajla Paradžik scored five points.

Serbia won the first set with a dominant game, while BiH only managed to maintain an equal in the second set, until the middle of that part of the game.

The question of the winner was not raised in the third set either, so Serbia came to the introductory victory in the competition.

The two consecutive European champions will play against France in the second round on Saturday (21.00), while the BiH national team will play against Azerbaijan on the same day.

The European Championship is played in Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, and the final of the competition is held in the capital of Serbia.

Terzic satisfied: Playing in front of the audience is a phenomenal refreshment

The selector of the women’s volleyball national team of Serbia, Zoran Terzić, said today that his team in the match against Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of the European Championship “did a good enough job” and added that playing in front of the fans was “phenomenal refreshment”.

“We all know that the first game is always very important in every competition, not only to win, but also to catch the fly that will keep you until the end of the competition,” Terzic told Serbian Radio and Television after the game.

“We did our job today in a good enough way, in the sense that at the beginning of the game we were at a high level in terms of energy, tactics — Later, which is normal when you win so easily, it fell a little, but in general we kept pretty good statistics and everything else until the end of the game “, added the coach of Serbia.

The volleyball players of Serbia started the European Championship with a victory, as they beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 3.0 in Belgrade today, in sets of 25:11, 25:18 and 25:14.

The match was played in front of about 3,500 fans in the Belgrade Arena, which, according to Terzic, was “unusual”.

“First, because we haven’t played in front of our audience for a long time, and second, because we haven’t played in front of any audience in the last year or two. This is a phenomenal refreshment for all of us and a great improvement for our team,” said Terzic.

The next rival of the current European champions will be France, on Saturday at 9 p.m.

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