ESPN last night conducted a survey about the summer’s standout moves and in addition 10 scouts and managers in the league chose the best player in the NBA in their opinion. The votes were split equally between the new champion Yannis Antocompo and Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn star who led the U.S. team to gold in Tokyo. The one who didn’t really like that choice was LeBron James. And he found it hard to remain indifferent to it.

LeBron, who has 50 million followers on Twitter, responded to a tweet claiming he was “useless” and drove his followers crazy. He then tweeted another and thanked his followers. LeBron, who will celebrate Dec. 37, missed quite a few games last season in which the Lakers lost their championship title.

Still the best player in the league? LeBron James | Reuters

By the way, this is not the first time that LeBron has not received a single vote in this election. In his first season with the Lakers, who missed the playoffs in 2019 even before Anthony Davis joined, the poll for the best player in the league was done with the participation of 20 voters and the votes were split between three players: 12 for Kwai, 6 for Antatocompo and 2 for Harden.

LeBron reacted to his distrust of him when a season later swept the Lakers to the bubble championship in Orlando. As you may recall, the Lakers were eliminated last season already in the first round of the playoffs against Phoenix, which continued until the NBA Finals. LeBron had a very hard time without Davis by his side, but this season the team are hoping to fight for the title again with new and experienced stars like Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony.

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