Narrow Danish defeat for the Olympic winners

Denmark’s ice hockey masters did not get revenge when the team hosted Finland’s Olympic champions for the second day in a row.

Unlike on Wednesday, however, the Danes were never close to victory on Thursday, even though they escaped with a defeat of 0-1.

Finland was clearly the strongest team in Rødovre Skating Rink, where the fatigue from the first showdown also seemed to be more in the Danish players.

After a goalless first period, the Olympic champions intensified the pressure in the second period.

A little over halfway, Denmark got on its heels in a Finnish attack. The emergency brake had to be applied, which gave the Finns a penalty kick.

However, Sebastian Dahm calmly followed the Finnish shooter Eemil Erholtz, who scored in Wednesday’s showdown, and was able to shut down the attempt and keep the cage clean.

However, he could not do that much anymore.

A few minutes later, the Danes were played thin again, so Kalle Maalahti close to goal could pull the puck past Dahm and pull it up in the net to 1-0.

In the following minutes, Denmark was under heavy pressure, but managed to ride out the storm and come to the break with only 0-1.

Contrary to Wednesday’s showdown, Denmark had a hard time creating the chances that could provide goals.

Not surprisingly, Finland won the shot statistics clearly, and the problem was that when Denmark finally got shots fired, it was often without the great quality.

With eight minutes left, Denmark then got two minutes in powerplay. However, it was tricky again to put pressure on the Finns and send finishes towards goal.

In the final minutes, Denmark organized a pressure in periods that gave some excellent chances. However, Finland also had its options to close the showdown definitively.

There were no more goals, and thus Finland can travel home with two narrow victories. In Wednesday’s showdown, Denmark led 3-1, but ended up losing 3-4 after a decision in a penalty shootout.

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