Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton chair auctioned for 635 euros!  I’m sorry, what?!

How crazy is that?

A plastic stool on which seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton (37) sat was auctioned for 635 euros. This was reported by the British newspaper “Sun”.

Hamilton was in Malaysia for a short time with his Mercedes team-mate George Russell (24). The two were in the capital Kuala Lumpur to visit Malaysian oil giant and team sponsor Petronas. Photos were taken at a petrol station of the mega group, which were later published on Twitter. At this gas station, Hamilton paused briefly on a stool next to one of the pumps.

This Hamilton chair has now been auctioned!

Locals saw the opportunity to make a quick buck. They put the seat up for sale on the e-commerce site Shopee. The dealers packed the special stool. Goal: to preserve the “freshness” of Hamilton’s “butt prints”.

The product description: “Chair on which F1 driver Lewis Hamilton sat (rare item)”.

It seems to have worked!

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