Italian media: Eight people on Maradona’s death are charged with killing

If the accused are convicted, they can face up to five to 25 years in prison.

Long ongoing research on football legend Diego Maradonan the deaths of eight medics lead to the charges of murder, say, among others Football-Italia and The Gazzetta dello Sport.

According to Argentine prosecutors, Maradona’s death could have been avoided. The prosecution is based on “medical negligence”. Maradona died on November 25, 2020.

Maradona died of a heart attack. He had undergone surgery in early November to remove a blood clot from his head. Maradona was repatriated quickly, and according to the Madona family, conditions were poor. Maradona was not regularly visited by nursing staff and had no bathrooms on the same floor.

Prosecutors said the behavior of the medical staff increased the patient’s risks and they “rejected the patient”.

Prosecutors include a neurosurgeon and a psychiatrist. If the charges lead to convictions, they can lead to five to 25 years in prison.

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