Barça boss apologizes for too many Frankfurt fans: “It will never happen again!” – Sport

During Frankfurt’s 3-2 away triumph at FC Barcelona, the large number of Eintracht fans in the Camp Nou stadium caused a lot of commotion in Spain. After the Europa League quarter-finals, Barça president Joan Laporta apologized to the fans. “I regret my actions and apologize. This is not going to happen again. What happened is something we know about. It’s ludicrous and disgusting. We’ll take action and clarify what’s going on “He was reported in the Spanish press as stating. He didn’t go into much depth.

The club had earlier confirmed that 5,000 tickets had been sold to German fans in accordance with the European Football Union’s (UEFA) requirements. In truth, the Camp Nou, which has approximately 100,000 seats, probably had around 30,000 Eintracht supporters. Many of the tickets for Germans, according to Spanish media, came from resales and travel companies. Because of the large number of German fans in the stadium, some Barça fans protested by leaving their seats for ten minutes during the game.

The club and its supporters were slammed in the Spanish daily “Sport.” “It is utterly intolerable, no matter how you look at it, that the Camp Nou becomes a pressure cooker – but in favor of the opposing club – in a European game where Barça are playing for a place in the semi-finals,” the daily lamented. The club, as well as its members, must conduct a thorough self-examination. “What happened last night at the stadium must not happen again!”

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