Cristiano Ronaldo scored both boxes and the box on Saturday afternoon at Old Trafford.

The Manchester United star scored all three goals for the home team when the “Red Devils” defeated Norwich City 3-2 in the Premier League, and it was the superstar’s hat trick number 60 in his career.

37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated the hat trick in a proper way, and he can smile all the way to the bank, because the goals ensure him a solid bonus, writes The Sun.

According to the newspaper, Cristiano Ronaldo has a clause in his contract with Manchester United, which guarantees him a bonus of 6.5 million kroner if he rounds 20 season goals, which he did with the goal of 2-0 against Norwich.

When the Portuguese later made a hat trick, he secured a small million more – he gets that every time he makes a hat trick.

Cristiano Ronaldo thus became around 7.5 million kroner richer by going to work on Saturday.

The Manchester United star is regularly rewarded for scoring goals, and if he reaches 30 goals this season, he can, according to the English newspaper, look forward to receiving around 25 million kroner.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in the Premier League and six goals in the Champions League.

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