The Guardian: More than 400 rugby players die prematurely from brain injuries, lawyers say

Lawyers say it is certain that at least hundreds of rugby players will suffer brain damage from the sport.

Over Lawyers representing 200 former rugby players are suing two rugby leagues, says The Guardian magazine. Lawyers believe potentially more than 400 players have died prematurely from brain injuries in the games.

According to lawyers, rugby needs to make “significant and immediate” changes to prevent current and future players from suffering brain damage.

Lawyer Richard Boardman sues both of Rugby’s leading organizations. He describes the problem as epidemic. According to Boardman, more players have joined the class action each week.

“A couple more came this week too. They come sprinkling because some players experience loyalty to the sport and don’t want to attack it. However, we firmly believe it is not an attack and we simply want to help players who suffer brain damage after a gaming career, ”Boardman said.

“It is certain that hundreds, if not thousands, of current and former rugby players in the UK will suffer from this phenomenon. This is indeed an epidemic. ”

“We believe more than 400 rugby players in the UK and the wider world, in both versions of the sport, have died prematurely over the past decade due to brain damage caused by the sport.”

Rugby league rules have required restrictions on contact situations during practice to reduce the risk of serious injury to players.

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