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Derby has actually won enough points to stay in the Championship, the second-best English football series.

Still, the club, coached by football icon Wayne Rooney, must be relegated to League One, the third-best English football league.

On Monday, the club lost away with 0-1 to Queens Park Rangers.

At first it seemed that Derby’s fate was postponed, but because Reading scored five minutes into overtime and got a draw against Swansea, Derby’s fate was sealed.

Monday’s results mean that Derby has ten points up to Reading just above the relegation line with nine points left to play for, and thus it is finished in the second best row.

Derby has been hit hard by financial problems and has been deducted 21 points over the course of the current season because the club has not complied with its financial commitments and budgets.

Had the club not been deducted from those points, there would now have been 52 points on the account, which would be enough for a 17th place – 18 points above the relegation line.

But the sanctions against Derby have proved impossible for Wayne Rooney’s troops to overcome, and thus the club will have to go down to third class in the coming season.

What that means for Wayne Rooney’s future at the club, history reports nothing. The former national team star has been the coach of Derby since November 2020.

It is also not clear whether Derby will get a new owner who can lead the club out of the financial crisis. US businessman Chris Kirchner is currently the best bidder, but the deal has not yet been signed.

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