Eintracht Frankfurt: For a Euro.League victory: does Eintracht give away the league?  – Bundesliga

The Camp Nou Gala was followed by the Berlin Blues.

Only three days after the magical night of Barcelona, ​​Eintracht is suffering from a European hangover: 0:2 at fellow competitor Union, making qualification for Europe via the Bundesliga almost impossible.

Is Eintracht giving away the league now?

A look into the past shows that the question is justified.

In 2019, the Frankfurters were also in the semi-finals of the Euro League under coach Adi Hütter, but at the time they drove on two tracks because everything was possible in the league too – in fourth place after the 30th matchday and with a five-point lead.

Result: Eintracht lost the semifinals against Chelsea, picked up just one point in the league and made it to Europe in the new season thanks to Mainz’s help.

Now the situation is clearer. Due to the Berlin bankruptcy, the gap to Union in sixth place has increased to eight points. In seventh place (Cologne), which could possibly be enough for the Conference League, there are already seven.

So the “easiest” way would be to take it easy in the league and put everything on the Europa League. Because as a winner, Eintracht would have qualified directly for the Champions League next season.

But Oliver Glasner (47) doesn’t want to know anything about that. The coach: “We’re clearly behind, but we won’t let up in the league. It doesn’t happen with me and with us that we give away even a single game.”

Glasner continues: “I know that we can do better than against Union. It’s my job to work on that again in training. And then we will play against Hoffenheim in such a way that we can win the game.”

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