CBF speaks out after controversy with pink hair

The CBF issued an official statement following the controversy over the ban on pink hair in the Brazilian team.

The entity stated that it is committed to plurality and the right to self-expression. The note highlighted that employees and athletes called up are free about appearance, beliefs, sexual orientation and gender expression. “The performance speaks for itself”, he stressed.

The CBF also highlighted that the fight against prejudice in football is a priority and that it seeks to make football more inclusive. The entity has a partnership with the Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Football and the Torcidas Canarinhos LGBTQ+ collective.

The statement was issued after UOL published that the entity asked Yan Couto not to play with pink hair. Furthermore, UOL detailed the list of guidelines issued by management.

Pink hair and other requests

Yan Couto stated that the CBF asked him to remove the pink color from his hair during Brazilian team games. The statement was given in an interview with UOL columnist Yara Fantoni before the commitments of the last FIFA Data. He did not detail whether it was a request from the entity or a specific member.

“It was a request, basically. They said that pink is a bit ‘wobbly’ like that. I don’t think so, but I’ll respect it, right. They asked me, I’ll do it,” said the player.

The 22-year-old full-back complied and presented himself to the national team last week without the pink. With his hair cut close to his head, he started in the 3-2 victory over Mexico and was on the bench in the 1-1 draw with the USA.

Girona’s right-back has already played for the national team with his hair dyed pink. He debuted with hopscotch in October last year, in the qualifiers against Venezuela and Uruguay, and kept the look. According to him, pink became a trend in the Spanish city.

Yan also changed his hair for Brazil’s friendly matches in March. He wore pink until two weeks before the games against England and Spain and then resumed the style about a month later, in the final stretch of Espanyol.

In a press conference held on June 4, Yan was asked about the topic and did not speak about the veto. “I was playing with pink hair the whole season. In fact, it was my choice, it was working, it was cool, it was cool. But it was something more for Girona, a lot of people there dyed their hair, it was kind of fashionable. Here in the team, the cycle has ended. I’m Yan with black hair, nothing changes, it’s still the same. I’m going to try to win a Copa América to help the team, he said.”

After the publication of the article with Yan Couto’s statement to the UOL, the CBF contacted the reporter to deny the ban on colored hair. The entity states that there are conversations about responsibility for the image of athletes in the national team on topics such as schedule, diet and posture during breaks, but does not confirm conversations about hair color with any player.

List of guidelines

  • Take care to convey an image of seriousness.
  • Avoid wearing flashy earrings.
  • Do not wear extravagant necklaces.
  • Use social media soberly and discreetly, without jokes.
  • Using your cell phone at the dinner table only after finishing your meal.
  • Avoid arriving at the stadium with headphones or listening to loud music.
  • Prevent athletes from appearing in official videos listening to music and playing in the locker room.
  • Pay attention and respect the schedules.
  • Do not delay leaving the bus.
  • Do not eat anything outside the nutritional plan in the room.

‘Platinum’ hair is not part of the CBF list of restrictions. Some players performed with their hair like this and were not warned. The new CBF management met with the players at the last FIFA Data, in Europe, and outlined some guidelines to be followed from then on in the Brazilian team.

The meeting that defined the guidelines was attended by directors, coaching staff and selected players. There is no physical booklet with written prohibitions, but rather clear guidelines on what should be avoided from now on.

The intention is to ‘clean up the image’ of the Brazilian team and bring more seriousness. Some items on the list are seen as a way to avoid a negative image that could turn against the athletes themselves in the event of negative results on the field.

The definitions were discussed with the players and not imposed. At the meeting, there was an opportunity to talk and highlight more aspects, some of which are on the final list came from the players themselves.

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