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Krista Pärmäkoski showed great running condition again in the orienteering Venlojen Viest.

Cross-country skier Krista Pärmäkoski competed in the orienteering relay in Kauhava in Venlo on the weekend. Based on the statistics, he excelled in one thing in particular.

Pärmäkoski, who represented Kyrös-Rast’s first team, guided the opening leg. He was the fastest of the whole group in the 17-18 tick interval.

It was, so to speak, the end straight. In the section, we first came out of the forest to a field opening, in the corner of which was the 17th cross. After the marking, the field and the surrounding dirt and gravel road were pressed open to the edge of the airport, where the 18th check mark was located.

Pärmäkoski took one minute and four seconds on the 244-meter distance, so he clocked a speed of 4.22 min/km. Loud banging at the end of the eight-kilometer section, when the lactic acids were pounding in the legs.

From the 18th check mark to the switch, there was a short stretch of asphalt where Pärmäkoski was fourth fastest.

“Tradition will not be broken. The fastest in the finish line”, commented Pärmäkoski in the story section of his Instagram account.

“10. I made a small mistake at the cross, but otherwise I navigated without bombs. Little meanderings don’t count.”

Pärmäkoski brought his team to change in 80th place after spending just under 59 minutes in the forest. The final ranking was 104th. According to Pärmäkoski, it was the best ranking in the club’s history.

“Thank you for the trust and the pressure, when you put our guy in the first team,” he wrote on Instagram.

The skier also published a lot of pictures from the sunny event.

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