TSV 1860 Munich and Hasan Ismaik after the election: Giesing or cloud cuckoo land – Sport

There is little sign of the propagated filling of the trenches during and after the general meeting. Alliance candidate Gräfer from the main sponsor Die Bayerische criticizes managing director Mueller for his “election campaign speech”, investor Ismaik calls the winners “ideologues” and “self-promoters”.

Klaus Ruhdorfer knew about the majority situation in the hall. It had been evident long before the election of the board of directors, and so the opposition candidate “Alliance for the Future” promptly changed his application speech for the board of directors of the third division football club TSV 1860 Munich. “I am the inventor of the term stadium clique,” said Ruhdorfer, a major critic of the fan organization Pro 1860 and its sympathizers, who want a future in the Grünwald Stadium, which is either venerable or simply old, depending on your point of view. He saw that many people were now proudly wearing his term, which was actually meant negatively, on T-shirts, and declared that he respected the majority opinion of the members. In the end, the alliance, which was aiming for renewed cooperation with investor Hasan Ismaik, failed with a vote of around 40:60 against the previous incumbents, who want to emancipate the club from Ismaik.

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