Paris 2024 Olympics: “The position of my club was clear”, Kylian Mbappé says goodbye to the Games

It’s the end of an endless soap opera. And it is a little disappointing, even if highly anticipated. Kylian Mbappé will not participate in the Paris Olympic Games with the France team led by Thierry Henry. “The position of my club (Real Madrid, Editor’s note) was very clear. I think I will not participate in the Olympics,” said the Blues superstar.

After very often stating his intention to participate in the Olympic competition at home this summer, the number 10 of the Blues came up against his club’s decision not to release its players. Since February 26 and an e-mail sent to the French Football Federation, the Madrid club had already indicated that it did not want to let its players play this summer, without this directly concerning Kylian Mbappé, not yet officially at club.

“I will be a spectator”

In the process, even the President of the Republic got involved in the negotiations during a lunch on May 21 to change Florentino Perez’s position on “Kyks”. Without success. “I am joining a new team. Arriving in September for a new adventure is not the best start to an adventure,” explained the former PSG striker.

On June 3, Thierry Henry’s pre-list, without his name, had already sealed the last hopes a little, before this Sunday’s press conference. “Now I will wish the best to this French team. I will watch all the matches of course, as a supporter. I am an actor, I will be a spectator. I hope they will bring us the gold medal,” he concluded. Without him, it will inevitably be a little more complicated!

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