Pink-purple European Championship jersey is “quite brave”

Fashion designer Harald Glööckler (59) described the pink and purple jersey of the national football team as “quite brave”. “I like the colours and the cut,” Glööckler told the German Press Agency. “It definitely attracts attention.”

However, he would not go so far as to say that the jersey could symbolize a fashion-conscious Germany as a whole. “But it is important to try new things. Everything is changing,” said the designer.

The German team played in white jerseys for the opening match of the European Championship against Scotland (5:1) and will now play against Hungary in Stuttgart on Wednesday (19 June) in pink and purple. The new jerseys were presented in March. The away jersey, which was widely discussed on social media, became a “bestseller” in the following weeks, according to supplier Adidas.

Glööckler is not a big football fan

However, there was also criticism of the color. Glööckler said that this did not surprise him. “There are people who are horrified by everything. The new scares people. They want to hold on to the old familiar. But things will not stay as they are.”

The artist admitted that he is “not such a big football fan.” “But I am thinking about watching one or two European Championship games.” He has never seen a game live in the stadium.

He himself has been doing sports for many years: running, cycling and bodybuilding. “But I don’t know if I should call it my favourite sport,” he said with a wink, “it’s more a matter of having a dream figure.” Glööckler was born in Maulbronn and lived in the Palatinate for a while. Last year he moved to Berlin.

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