Gattuso suffers from an autoimmune disease: They said I had one month left to live

A new sheriff is in town, the fans claimed Hajduk when they finally saw a new coach Gennara Gattusa in Split. This legendary Italian appeared almost imperceptibly on Monday at the Split airport, but he caused the immediate attention of those present. It’s hard not to do that when it comes to the world champion and one of Milan’s greatest players.

Gattus was welcomed at the airport by Kalini. and president Ivan Bilić who did not remove the smile from their faces. They themselves are aware that they have brought in the greatest coach in the history of the HNL, a manager with whom they immediately gained sympathy among the fans at the beginning of their tenure. Completely atypical of him, the otherwise fiery Gennaro, of hot Italian blood, looked quiet and self-effacing as he left the airport and got into the car. He was smiling slightly, he wasn’t available for statements, but it was clear that he wasn’t really paying attention. All he has in his head is how to get to work as soon as possible and return Hajduk to its old glory, as well as his coaching career, which is in a slight decline.

The Italian wore prescription glasses, and four years ago, when he was the coach of Napoli, he admitted that he suffers from an autoimmune disease that affects the quality of his vision. Sometimes it happens that he sees things twice. He led several games with an eye patch, and once after the game he appeared in front of the press with his right eye almost closed. Considering all kinds of rumors about his situation, he decided to find out for himself what it was all about.

– This way I would like to send a message to everyone, especially children, who look in the mirror and see something that looks unusual or something that is not right. My message is that life is beautiful and that you accept everything. My games are suffering because I’m in this state, I know that, but I’m alive. I have had a problem with this for 10 years and this is the third time that my condition has worsened, but it will return to normal and I will come back even more beautiful – said the new coach of Hajduk and added:

– It’s not just a matter of it looking ugly, but you feel exhausted because of all this. Imagine seeing everything double 24 hours a day. Only a fool like me would continue to do the things I do. However, it is the way it is. This is my life and I know that there are much worse things in the world. Some moreć they assume that I have a month left to live, to die, but I assure you that everything is fine. When I die, just take me to the stadium, I used to live there.

Today he will introduce himself to the journalists at Poljud, and on Wednesday he will meet the players and begin preparations for the new season with them. How much the temperamental Italian can do with Hajduk will also depend a lot on sports director Nikola Kalini, who wants to bring in several proven reinforcements and thus strengthen the team for the fight for the title and entry into Europe.

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