Has the SM league been organized in a way that restricts competition?  KKV starts to find out – Sports

No exact timetable has been given for the examination.

Competition and Consumer Agency (KKV) says that he will begin to find out in more detail the procedures related to the organization of the Ice Hockey League.

KKV tells in its announcementthat the purpose of the investigation is to find out whether the SM league has been organized in a way that restricts competition and whether the agency must take measures to eliminate the restriction of competition or its harmful effects.

KKV took the matter into consideration on the basis of a request for action made by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association (SJRY), i.e. the Players’ Association. The association filed a request for action on the matter in March.

KKV reminds that the initiation of an investigation is not yet an indication of a prohibited procedure. The agency did not give an exact timetable for the investigation.

SJRY said in connection with submitting the action request in March that it suspects the League, the league clubs and the Ice Hockey Association of abuse of the dominant market position and/or an illegal cartel from the past 24 years.

KKV found out SM league operations also in the 2010s, when the league officials had agreed that the league clubs would not hire Joker players who played in the KHL in the middle of the season.

KKV assessed in 2019 that the player ban agreement was against the competition law and ordered the league operators to stop the procedure.

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