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There was a time when the great HSV reigned supreme! For 55 years, he has been champion, cup winner, European Cup winner, founder member of the Bundesliga, and its undelegated Dino. Once upon a time, as I already stated.

On Tuesday evening, at the very least, the unique Hamburg football history might be deduced. The Volksparkstadion was sold out, and the game was a national event. HSV, on the other hand, is knocked out of the DFB Cup in the first 35 minutes. Actually, it’s a shame!

That was it with the glory once more, and it was particularly cruel. Because Hamburger SV is facing again another season in the second tier, it would be the club’s fifth in a row. HSV could not be relegated in the past, but they do not appear to be relegated anymore.

The way the squad gambles away the promotion season after season — it’s almost like “dinner for one” in its endless repetition. Only without the amusement.

As a result, Hamburger SV serves as a useful reminder for all those traditional teams who still assume that because they are one of the big ones, they don’t have to do anything. They appear awkward and overwhelmed when things go wrong.

Hamburg is part of the second division’s inventory.

Then, without changing anything fundamentally, money and human resources will continue to be burned. For a long time at HSV, there was a fair dose of overconfidence, and the relegation was viewed as more of an industrial accident than the inevitable result of years of mismanagement.

The reality, though, is that there will likely only be a handful of clubs in the second level for a similar amount of time as HSV in the coming season. As difficult as it is for them to accept, the Hamburgers have long been a part of the second division’s inventory.

It wouldn’t have made a difference if they had reached the cup final. And, as bad as it is that HSV is unable to travel to Berlin, it is far simpler to overcome than missing out on promotion once more.

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