The madness in France continues. Leo Messi is expected to make his debut this weekend in the Paris Saint-Germain uniform, which will meet Reims on Sunday, and the team from the Champagne region are already feeling the excitement. Of course all the tickets for the game were sold out in advance and have long since run out – a not surprising figure given that the stadium only has about 21,000 seats – but of course it’s not just Reims fans (who in the previous game against Montpellier only had 8,000 spectators) but football fans from all over the world.

According to Alexander Janin, the club’s ticket manager, the group has received inquiries to purchase tickets from all over the world. “There were insane online sales at our ticket school,” he said, “there were purchases from China, India, South Korea, Thailand and Egypt.”

Lionel Messi is portrayed as a Paris Saint-Germain player | Reuters

And it does not end there. Reims’ 122 applications were submitted by journalists and media outlets to accredit the game in order to cover it. The highlight in the history of the stadium, Augusto Delwan, is 113 media people, for David Beckham’s third game in the PSG uniform in 2013. This time, Reims was approached by media outlets such as Forbes, the Washington Post and, of course, the Argentine Clarin.

In France it is reported that there will be heavy police security in the stadium area. The gates usually open two hours before the opening whistle, while this time three hours before. The Reims players have also received a long line of interviews, especially coach Oscar Garcia, a former Barcelona player. According to reports, the price on the black market for this unimportant league game is about 500 euros.

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