Brazil v Argentina: Stars will be absent due to Corona restriction

With the World Cup qualifiers on the horizon, it looks like the teams will have to make do without most of their senior stars: The Spanish league announced tonight (Tuesday) that it will support teams that decide not to allow players to fly to red countries. In doing so, La Liga joined the Premier League announcing the same decision just hours earlier.

It should be noted that in South America, for example, many countries are currently considered red in terms of the extent of morbidity in Corona, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia. Of course, opposition to flights also applies to countries on other continents, such as Egypt, which is also red and its team is expected to hold two qualifiers in early September.

On September 5, Brazil will host Argentina in the final of the last Copa America final and according to the decision of the leagues in England and Spain, among the missing names can be found Papo Gomes, Rodrigo de Paul, Christian Romero and Giovanni Lou Celso on the side of the Albiceleste, and Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Jesus and Casimiro at the Salsao, among others. At the same time, at the moment Leo Messi and Neymar will be able to report for the national teams, since in France they have not yet vetoed the release of players.

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