Nico Hülkenberg: “You can’t simulate the stress”

Are there any technical secrets from your team that you are not allowed to share?

Would be nice. It’s not like we’re driving ahead with Aston Martin. The opposite is the case.

Who will be world champion?

It’s too early to predict. But what is clear is that Ferrari has a harmonious package, it is undoubtedly the best car. I see them just ahead of Red Bull in an exciting duel.

When you’re lapped by a Ferrari, can you see the difference with the naked eye?

Naturally. You can see how well the Ferrari is on the road and how much grip it has, especially in the corners. But you can also see from the recordings of the onboard cameras how well the Ferrari works.

Can Mercedes still make the connection?

The team has incredible potential. They will use all their resources and know-how to get close. But that should work this weekend, or the next at the latest. Otherwise the train has left.

You are 34. Do you see your future in Formula 1?

I delivered, my name is known. But it doesn’t get any easier. Formula 1 is a fast moving industry.

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