A month and a half ago, in the Final Four of the Balkan League, Hapoel Holon scored 81 points and defeated Gilboa / Galil. Yesterday (Saturday), when she finished the season against the same opponent with a 78:63 loss, she was left with only the players who were responsible for 22 of them. Also, for the deciding game, the Purples showed up without four of its top five foreigners during the season: Tyros Maggie who was injured and left, Isaiah Miles who also left, while Chris Johnson and Maxim de Zhao remained in Israel but were absent with their own injuries. Thus, the team that scored the most threes in Israel – 11.9 out of 31 per game in the Premier League – found itself repeatedly relying on post-up moves and stood at the last loss in Gan Ner on only 4 of 14.

All these figures illustrate how strange it was last season for Hapoel Holon: the relegation in the semi-finals of the league and the cup, along with winning the Balkan league and qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Champions League. During this shaky season, the team appeared in 62 games, which they finished with a balance of 19:43, when 19 different players wore the media.

The team has changed many times during the season, “he admitted Misgav dialect, Who himself played for Nahariya until November. “In retrospect this is not wisdom, but it clearly affects the game, the coach, the players, the conduct and the way we played. There is some fatigue after a full season in games and frames, and there is body erosion, but no excuses. Gilboa / Galil was better and came to money time.” .

Stefanos Dadas | Maor Alexelsi

Quite a few question marks arise regarding the next season of Hapoel Holon. The club has registered for the Champions League, and is expected to receive a ticket to the home stage. If Maccabi Tel Aviv wins the national championship this week, the place of the Purples in the senior FIBA ​​factory will be guaranteed automatically; if Gilboa / Galil is crowned, it will depend on it. Before an in-depth feasibility study, once the league manager has decided not to provide financial support to teams that will play in the factory (not based on sporting achievements).

“Continuity is important to me,” he said Stefanos Dadas In an interview with Walla! Sports before the Final Eight. “When we meet Scotty Wilbkin next season in a crucial game, we will know not to repeat the mistakes we have already made this season and last season.” But since then quite a few things have changed. The Greek coach is due to continue for a third season, and has already extended his contract, but he has the option of leaving the position of assistant coach in the Euroleague team. It is estimated that the Greek will remain, and he is already managing the staff building alongside the management.

Guy Pnini, Yiftach Ziv | Maor Alexelsi

In fact, the only player to sign a guaranteed contract, with no exit options for either side, is Uriel Trotsky, who finished the season at Nes Ziona. C.J. Harris and Chris Johnson have signed contract extensions, but they too, like Dadas, have options to be released in exchange for compensation. The club believe at least Johnson will continue. Holon and Guy Pnini have a mutual exit option, and its future will be determined in accordance with the financial negotiations between the parties. Nate Sestina, who surprised favorably after being brought in to thicken the front line, lost some of his stock during the playoffs, and his chances of staying diminished – though they still exist.

Before the personal matter, the club will have to make a strategic decision whether to register five or six foreigners next season, and whether to register one of them for the European framework only. In addition, restrictions on the number of citizens will directly affect the craft of construction. Willie Workman and Frederic Bourdieu may continue, but there will also be weight to the fact that in the Champions League they are listed as foreigners.

Willie Workman | Lilac Weiss

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