After the crazy 3: 3 in the first game, tomorrow (Thursday, 20:00, Sport 2), Maccabi Haifa will host Naftachi Baku in the conference playoff qualifiers. Each victory will take the Greens to the home stage, in case of a draw the match will go into overtime and if necessary also a penalty shootout. In case the Israeli champion loses, she will end her European season.

Barak Bachar coaches Maccabi Haifa with his players | Maor Alexelsi

Maccabi Haifa held a press conference and the coach tonight Barak Bachar He said: “After the crazy game last week we want to fix the less good things. We play against a good team and need to get ready and in all seriousness. We want to complete the work and make history. We have a deep and big staff. We made a lot of changes and sometimes it causes lack of coordination and mistakes. But I do not think you have to blame only the defense because the defense is a game of the whole team and when the whole team does not do it, you are a bit exposed. We want to prevent it. In the Toto Cup we saw a team that works 90 minutes To continue it tomorrow and later in the season. We hope it will be for 90 minutes and not for 50 minutes. After the amazing goal we conceded last week we had less good minutes. Naftachi Baku came into the game and scored beautiful goals. We want to fix it. To make the first half no less good than what we did there. ”

Bachar was asked if the fans’ masks are realistic and said: “The Maccabi Haifa crowd is great and also disciplined and connected to the team. I am sure they will listen to the procedures and hope there will be as many masks as possible. I call on the fans to come and support. We need them. “Without the audience, it’s not pointless, but it’s not the same thing.”

On the extension of Ofri Arad’s contract, Bachar said: “We are happy that Ofri Arad has signed until 2024, he is a home player who is making progress. He was unlucky and he was injured in the first training session and now he is returning. We have had many injuries and we want to have a positive headache “We want to go up to the home stage and then it will be easier to divide the minutes.” On Noble Omar: “This is a professional, I have no doubt he will have a good game like he has had until now

Maccabi Haifa stopper Bogdan Planic: “This is an important game for the club and for everyone in the club. We have a chance to enter the home stage of a European tournament. We will do our best to play better than in the first game, especially in the second half. “We have a great opportunity to change that. We are a very good team. The opponent is also a good team, but I think we are better and we have a great opportunity to change history.“

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