Boxing for a good cause: Nader and Co. fight for child protection

Rap-Newcomer DKN & Boris B present their new song “Help Scream” which was specially written for child protection. In addition, a children’s book will be presented that is intended to sensitize the youngest to the topic of abuse. “If you read the book, the children become more attentive and no longer easy prey for pedophiles,” says D’Atri, emphasizing that “every child has the right to a childhood.”

The book is just one preventive measure by the association, which also offers workshops at schools. Those affected are provided with a lawyer and a therapist for the entire family. To boost their self-confidence, children can work out in a martial arts gym or a ballet studio. Through sport, the children become strong again in order to testify against these people at some point. “We try to support those affected as much as possible in all areas so that they can find their way back to life and the perpetrators receive their punishment.”

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