“I haven’t been able to motivate the players”

Xavi Hernández, the FC Barcelona coach, admitted that he did not know how to “motivate the players” to play as passionately as Rayo Vallecano did this Sunday at the Camp Nou (0-1), and urged that they must mentally prepare for the goal to be seconds away.

“We made a dumb blunder. We didn’t go into these situations with the zeal or the impetus that the game demanded. We’ve already given away the first portion. They had more pressing issues than we did, but we had to match their level of urgency “After the defeat, he stated in a wheel press.

In response to a query regarding the arbitration, the culé coach criticized himself, particularly for a penalty that was not issued to Gavi. “It has occurred to us again, and these are excellent possibilities, such as the day in Cadiz that we squandered. You must recapture the spirit of the final minutes or the second half in the opening minute “he stated

“Here’s where the referee should come out and speak. As a coach, I made a mistake in that I did not know how to sufficiently motivate the players. I’ve never been able to figure out how to play the key. I can tell you what I’ve done wrong, but I can’t tell you about the others “Added he.

Xavi acknowledged that they started from a place of enormous enthusiasm, but he insisted on the current obligation of being second. “We were all enthusiastic about the league and European streak, but battling for second place isn’t very motivating,” he said. “But we have to drive ourselves since we have to participate in the Champions League next year,” he said.

“We are also putting our lives in danger. Our motivation is to come in second place; it’s a shame for Barça’s history, but that’s what it’s all about. I am enraged, as are all Catalans, and disappointed. The day of Eintracht is different; now, the day of Cádiz repeats itself; they go ahead, and we are unable to catch up “He went on to say,

“We have been ineffective in many ways. We put ourselves into this position, and now we’ve made qualifying for the Champions League even more difficult by playing two games at home. We need to be motivated because we want to compete in the Champions League next season. At home, we’ve failed twice in a row “He had completed his task.

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