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That Felix Magath is grumpy just for the sake of being grumpy is an assertion that can easily be refuted. Magath, the coach of Hertha BSC, can also be different; being merciful and extremely forgiving, for example. He was also on Sunday evening after his team’s 2-0 win over VfB Stuttgart. Be lenient with the referee.

In the game itself, he was sometimes upset about Felix Brych and his interpretation of the rules, but when Magath was later asked specifically about his performance, he replied: “I would rate the referee’s performance as good, even if I didn’t agree with every whistle .”

He didn’t show his own team that much indulgence in the aftermath of the game. Magath sounded surprisingly sober after a success in the relegation battle that was euphorically celebrated by the audience and the players, after a so-called big point in a duel with a direct competitor. “I don’t know who should be euphoric at Hertha after this game,” said Magath at the press conference, presenting a long list of deficiencies.

His team had been far too passive, he grumbled. After the strong opening phase, which he estimated lasted just five minutes, and the early 1-0 through Davie Selke, the game was “basically handed over to the opponent”, Magath complained that VfB had been invited to play. “Ultimately it was a lucky win against a VfB team that was better here.”

Magath’s analysis didn’t necessarily match the impressions of the almost 55,000 spectators in the stands. The VfB supporters didn’t like anything about their team’s performance, while the Berlin fans left the Olympic Stadium in a state of rare happiness after all the months of discontent. The prospect that Hertha will continue to be represented in the Bundesliga in the coming season has no longer been an unrealistic utopia since Sunday evening at the latest.

Magath wants to prevent premature composure

Why Magath was so critical of his team will remain his secret. Perhaps he was still under the impression of the game, which had only been decided in favor of Hertha by Ishak Belfodil’s 2-0 in the third minute of added time. Perhaps – and this is probably the more realistic interpretation – it was a matter of calculation. Magath probably wanted to prevent anything like premature composure from spreading among his team with all his might.

Because after two wins in a row, the situation for the Berliners is actually almost comfortable, at least much friendlier than one would have dared to dream of just a few weeks ago. In the best-case scenario, they will remain in the class as early as next weekend – but Hertha is dependent on outside help (from VfL Wolfsburg against VfB Stuttgart) for this. But at least the Berliners can prevent direct relegation two games before the end on their own – with a win on Saturday at Arminia Bielefeld.

“I can’t see it the way you do,” Magath said of such optimistic calculations. He still sees the danger if Hertha should lose against Bielefeld, second from bottom: “Staying in the league is still at risk.” But not only the table constellation speaks for Hertha, but also the appearance of the team under the new coach.

Felix Magath begins to take effect. Hertha has won three of five games under his direction, and the Berliners have not conceded a goal in all three wins. They managed to do that just as often in the 26

season games before Magath. “Hertha did well defensively,” said Pellegrino Matarazzo, coach of VfB Stuttgart.

The basis is right again at Hertha BSC

The basis is right: the defence, the commitment, the team spirit. All points that are important to Magath. “You can see that we are a team again. That’s the real reason why we’re successful,” said Hertha’s coach. After Belfodil’s goal to make it 2-0, the whole team ran to the scorer, including the goalkeeper, goalkeeping coach and kit man.

That’s what Magath teased out of the team. And what gives hope for the last three games of this nerve-wracking season. The players see it the same way. “Felix Magath is the right person for us in the situation we are in,” said goalkeeper Marcel Lotka. “With him we will hold the class.”

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