RB Leipzig vs Rangers! How HSV fills the stadium in Leipzig

The bars in Barfussgässchen had run dry. And on the market square, in the midst of beer crates, football was being played. In the winter of 2017, thousands of thoroughbred Scottish fans flocked to our city. Now Leipzig is threatened with a new rush!

At that time, RB met Glasgow Rangers in a friendly (4-0). In tow: 8000 fans. Now we’ll meet again on Thursday (9 p.m.) in the first European Cup semi-final. According to BILD information, 7,000 Rangers fans from all over the world will come to Leipzig this time.


Officially 2400 tickets went to Glasgow, the first leg in Leipzig was sold out in no time. But the Glasgow fans stocked up on cards, just as creatively as the Eintracht supporters did at the game in Barcelona. Also with the help of HSV!

The German second division team and the Scottish record champions (55 titles) have had a close fan friendship for 35 years. 500 fans travel to Leipzig from Hamburg alone. Because it’s easier to get tickets from Germany, they gave Glasgow fans a helping hand. And also helped with the travel planning. Most of them fly to Berlin and then travel to Leipzig by bus. Some will certainly arrive without a ticket, just to support their local team.

However: According to the stadium regulations, no guest fans are allowed to sit in the home areas in Leipzig either. Peter Houghton, match operations manager for the English Association of Football Safety Officers, told the Daily Record: “RB should look carefully and try to get all Rangers fans together in one area.”

Otherwise it could get uncomfortable in the stadium…

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