“Traces of blows, bites, scratches,” denounces the lawyer of the alleged victim of the French rugby players

Contacted this Wednesday, lawyer Natacha Romano describes the hell she says the woman who filed a complaint against Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou, two players from the French national team, accused of aggravated sexual abuse for acts that allegedly occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday at the Diplomatic Hotel in Mendoza, experienced.

“The events took place on Sunday between 5am and 8:30am,” the lawyer told Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France. “That same day, my client filed a complaint around 7:50pm. She was immediately transferred to a forensic doctor to assess the physical injuries. She underwent numerous tests, which ended around 1am, before being transferred to Luis Lagomaggiore hospital in Mendoza. Based on this evidence, the prosecution ordered the arrest of the two players.”

The alleged victim is said to be “a woman from Argentina, aged over thirty, the daughter and sister of lawyers,” according to her lawyer, who did not wish to give further details in order to preserve her anonymity.


Natacha Romano reveals that her client has been “psychologically devastated” since the events allegedly occurred. “The most serious thing that was found was a hematoma around the eye, the result of a punch,” she says. “There are also traces of blows to the face, chin, chest, buttocks, back, traces of bites, scratches, blows to the legs. More than eight samples were taken to determine if there was sexual abuse by penetration. We are waiting for the results.”

“Physically, she will need several days to recover.”

The lawyer praised “the rapid action of the public prosecutor, who activated the protocol and provided constant psychological and psychiatric assistance” to the alleged victim.

“Physically, she will need several days to recover,” she continued. “They met (the woman and Hugo Auradou) in a nightclub around 4:30-5 a.m. and then returned together to a hotel in downtown Mendoza. She did not go out with the intention of meeting someone. I cannot give more information. Regarding alcohol consumption, we are waiting for the results of the toxicology tests.”


Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou, who admit to consensual sexual relations but deny any violence, are being transferred this Wednesday from Buenos Aires, where they were arrested on Monday, to Mendoza, where they will have to answer questions from investigators.

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