The great excitement surrounding the winning of artistic gymnast Linoy Ashram in the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics has not yet subsided, and Ron Kaufman chose to award her the title of his wife of the year in Nissim Mashaal’s summary program of the year on 103FM. Kaufman praised her for her high mental abilities and also referred to the physical sacrifice required of Ashram in order to win the Olympic title.

“Ashram should be the woman of the year of the sport not only this year, but in all the last five years. In every competition she has participated in, whether it is the European Championships, the World Championships or the Grand Slam tournaments, she has returned with a medal,” Kaufman said of the Olympic champion. “She sacrificed her body to excel, suffering from crises in her feet and pelvis, and tendon tears. It will take her two or three years to recover, and this is a 22-year-old young woman.”

“His rival, the Abrina sisters, were marked as the best in the world according to international rankings even before the Olympics, and Linoy was actually in decline before the Olympics began, but in the real competition she just played it. She gave a show that moved all the people of Israel,” he said. Its in the Olympics. “For the first time since 1996, a young woman from Rishon Lezion came from Yemeni-Greek descent, and gave a head start to the Baltic and Balkan gymnasts. It was amazing. I’m not one to get excited, but I was excited for her.”

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“Ashram has an analytical ability that helps her perform an exercise perfectly. She has brought her physical abilities, along with her emotional and mental abilities, to a rare coordination. I’m 40 years in sports, I’ve seen a lot of failures, but Linoy’s success is heroic,” he concluded. Doing another Olympics. “

Just before the end, Nissim Mash’al revealed a surprising detail: “I once tried artistic gymnastics, and I did not succeed. I fell immediately.” Kaufman was surprised by Mashaal’s discovery and replied: “You did not try – you can not even do a pirouette.”

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